The Lords of Strategy: The Secret Intellectual History of the New Corporate World

In what amounts to a vigorous defense of management consultants, Kiechel explains how business became an intellectual endeavor over the last half century, maturing from commonsense practice to theory-driven discipline, and how ideas now underpin the way corporations function today. “What companies didn’t have before the strategy revolution,” he writes, “was a way of systematically putting together all the elements that determined their corporate fate.”

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Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

The second edition of Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting gracefully updates what many consider the best resource of its kind. New chapters on implementation, “whole-system” strategies, and ethics are included, but in general it simply fine-tunes Block’s proven advice to match the transformations that business and society have undergone since initial publication two decades ago. “The days of long studies and expert-driven answers are passing,” the … [ Read more ]

The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion : A Guide Understanding Your Expertise

Following on the heels of the best-selling Flawless Consulting comes The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion. Whether you work as a consultant or you work with consultants, this relentlessly practical guide will be your best friend as you discover how consulting influences your business- and real life-decisions and those of others.

The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion is packed with:
* Sample scenarios
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The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix: Using 2×2 Thinking to Solve Business Problems and Make Better Decisions

Drawing on the work of leading consultants, business school professors, social scientists, and organizational theorists, Lowy and Hood, consultants in information systems, pervasive computing technologies, and multimedia, demonstrate how to apply the 2×2 matrix, a ubiquitous representational tool, to a range of business challenges. They present 55 2×2 frameworks, created from interviews with outstanding practitioners and real case material.
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Competitive Solutions: The Strategist’s Toolkit

Based on the idea that strategy is often situational, University of Texas’s McAfee delivers an impressively encyclopedic selection of strategic concepts. The tools cover a wide range of purposes (industry analysis, labor bargaining, pricing, compensation and incentives, product life cycles, etc.), include technical instructions for use, and are illustrated with short case studies.

Flawed Advice and the Management Trap: How Managers Can Know When They’re Getting Good Advice and When They’re Not

Chris Argyris, professor emeritus of education and organizational behavior at Harvard University, argues that most business advice given to managers by experts is impossible to execute. By becoming better judges of the limitations and value in business advice, managers can get more value from it. This book is not easy reading, but is well worth the effort.

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