The First Customers

In a new market, you need to secure a foothold. World domination can come later.

People Plus Technology Determines CRM Success

Rapid user adoption of CRM technologies is crucial to achieve productivity gains from customer-facing investments. The Bank of New York used a “high user involvement” strategy to encourage 1,650 users to adopt a unified sales process in 32 countries. Its keys to success: getting users involved early, using an efficient implementation approach, and maintaining a tight focus on delivering benefits for users, not just management. … [ Read more ]

First Tennesee National: Tapping the Hidden Value of People

A few pioneering companies have married a perceptual shift with the new tools of human capital management. For First Tennessee National Corporation, it was a natural match. In the late 1990s, First Tennessee, now the 31st largest bank holding company in the United States in asset size and market capitalization, believed there was significant leverage in highly developed human capital management practices. The case study … [ Read more ]

Tying the Knot: IT Systems in a Merger

Two senior J. P. Morgan Chase executives explain how a worldwide team set the stage for transforming the merged firm’s IT organization.

Customer Relationship Management at Capital One (UK)

In the beginning, all credit cards were the same. Same interest rates, same annual fee, same processes for deciding who to lend to and how much to lend. Then, as in all industries, an innovator came along and determined that a one-size-fits-all approach left room for improvement. In this Case Study by Professor Werner J. Reinartz and Ulrike Wiehr, Capital One is … [ Read more ]

UBS Private Banking

Your idea of private banking might begin and end with your ATM PIN, but UBS has a better idea of what it entails. Thanks to its expansive reach, UBS has a presence in every major capital-market around the world. In this case study, the first modern one written about international private banking, Professor Ingo Walter shows how UBS created its global strategy and made it … [ Read more ]

BIS Banking Systems (A & B)

BIS Banking systems had the “Midas touch,” literally. During the 1980s, the company journeyed to the number one position in the world of the specialized financial (banking) software industry. MIDAS, its flagship software package, became the installed system for more than 400 banks around the world. But in April 1990, the company somewhat lost that touch, because despite its diffusion and success, BIS missed the … [ Read more ]

Scrambled Egg: The Making and Breaking of an Online Bank

For the pioneering U.K. startup, clicks without bricks and building share without care led to a first-mover disadvantage.

Using Networking for Competitive Advantage: The Lippo Group of Indonesia and Hong Kong

Mochtar Riady, the son of immigrant shopkeepers, got his start in banking in 1960. Now he heads a global financial powerhouse with $11 billion in assets. The secret? Putting everything into allegiances and alliances to gain a foothold on the world stage.