Jim Collins: Be Great Now

The leadership expert sits down with Inc. editor-at-large Bo Burlingham to talk about what makes great companies tick.

Rules for Leaders

Peter Drucker once dubbed Frances Hesselbein “the greatest leader in the country.” In a recent interview with Chief Executive, Hesselbein shared four of the leadership practices that she found most effective during the course of her career.

Editor’s Note: I have been consistently impressed with the writings and thought leadership of Frances Hesselbein. I encourage you to search for her name on this site to find … [ Read more ]

The Thought Leader Interview: Erik Brynjolfsson

MIT’s theorist of productivity draws a link between innovation in management practice and ongoing prosperity.

Management by Reflection

Managing author Henry Mintzberg believes that to improve business schools, we must first understand the essence of what managers do.

An Interview with Jim Collins

From Built to Last to Good to Great and now to Why the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins has established himself as the leading management thinker of our time. The former Stanford University Business School professor turned mega-selling author and avid rock climber is the driven researcher and thinker whom many leading companies look to for advice on how to grow, how to improve their … [ Read more ]

Esther Dyson: The Thought Leader Interview

A long-standing champion of high-tech innovation foresees a fundamental shift toward more transparent institutions and a more relationship-driven economy.

The Thought Leader Interview: Tim Brown

The CEO of Silicon Valley-based design firm IDEO contends that elegant, customer-centric design stems from a simple set of thinking practices.

An Offshoring Model to Create Better Value: Interview with Narayana Murthy

Narayana Murthy, cofounder of Infosys, the global IT services company based in India, consistently makes the list of most admired/most respected/most powerful global leaders, being named one of BusinessWeek’s Stars of Asia as well as one of Time’s top 10 global leaders who are helping to shape the future of technology. Here he talks innovation, offshoring and social responsibility with IESE’s Sandra Sieber.

Pankaj Ghemawat: The Thought Leader Interview

The seer of “semiglobalization” argues for appreciating regional distinctions.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, or “Woz” as he is commonly called, is best known for co-founding Apple along with high school friend Steve Jobs. But Wozniak didn’t set out to establish one of the world’s most influential computer companies. His goal early in life was to be an engineer and a lifelong employee of Hewlett Packard — and to have enough spare time to tinker with electronic … [ Read more ]

Muhammad Yunus

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 nobel laureate and founder of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, addressed an audience of more than 700 on Oct. 20, 2007 at Pepperdine’s School of Law. His address was titled “Social Enterprise: Doing Well by Doing Good.”

The Thought Leader Interview: Bill George

There’s no single path to authentic leadership, says the former Medtronic chief executive. We must all discover our own.

Wozniak Reflects on Founding Apple Computer

When Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs cofounded Apple Computer in the 1970s, Woz recalls he wanted to build the best computer possible while Jobs “had a vision for making companies.” The result is history, Wozniak told a Stanford Business School audience.

A ‘Parsu’ Parasuraman – Spotlight Interview

In this issue of Spotlight Professor A ‘Parsu’ Parasuraman speaks to editor Sarah Powell about the concept of techno-ready marketing and the implications of techno-readiness for marketers.