Information Systems and Strategy Course

Chris Kimble taught a MBA course on Information Systems and Strategy for the past few years in the Euromed Marseille School of Management, World Med MBA Program. It will no longer feature in the MBA but all of the web pages and lecture notes are still there on-line for your use.

The CHAT Dataset

This note accompanies the Cross‐country Historical Adoption of Technology (CHAT) dataset. CHAT is an unbalanced panel dataset with information on the adoption of over 100 technologies in more than 150 countries since 1800. The data is available for download at [ Read more ]

The Missing Google Analytics Manual

Get the most out of your Google Analytics with this collection of links to implement, configure and get insights from Google Analytics.

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

MailChimp offers a resource center with free email marketing guides covering frequent mistakes as well as best practices in email marketing. Topics range from getting started for beginners to more complex email issues for advanced subscribers.

Most any email marketing service provider worth its salt will allow you to track and analyze the success of your email marketing programs. However, comparing yourself to yourself can only get you so far. This site is full of email performance factoids from every study under the sun (you know, the ones you’ve been meaning to read for ages). All factoids are organized by subject … [ Read more ]

XML Sitemap Generator

You can speed up the process of having Google index your site – and help Google uncover your hidden, database-generated pages – by submitting a sitemap of your site to Google directly in the “appropriate file format”. You can figure this all out yourself, or you can take advantage of complimentary online tools that will generate the file for you in a Google-approved format. We … [ Read more ]


Provides e-business news, trends, and advice for chief information officers (CIOs) and IT executives. Each edition of SearchCIO runs a featured e-business topic in addition to the standard offering of its e-business targeted search engine that runs over a seemingly inexhaustible collection of industry articles, plus web links, technical advice, real-world implementation tips and tactics, case studies, a catalogue of products and vendors and several … [ Read more ]

allPM – The Project Manager’s Homepage

This site has something of interest and value for every IT project manager. It has developed into a worldwide open and free community of project managers and supports the latest in project management news, up-to-date product updates and reviews, thought-provoking white papers, extensive vendor directories, toolkits and templates, a career page as well as expert-led discussion forums. Content at the site is free and updated … [ Read more ] Link Popularity Check

Want to know where you stand in terms of link popularity in the top 10 search engines in 15 seconds or less? Surf on over to this site, enter your URL, and out pops a handy chart that details your backward links, indexed pages and more as reported by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Hotbot, Teoma, Lycos, AOL and Alexa. For example, at the time … [ Read more ]

Playing By New Rules, has a whole section devoted to the complexities of compliance.

Affiliate Manager

Shawn Collins is one of the most affiliated affiliators out there, and he provides a plethora of resources for both expert marketers and those who are new to the game. At this site you will find articles, an action plan, a glossary and directories of affiliate programs and software. You will also find links to Shawn’s ancillary businesses, which include the annual Affiliate Summit conference, … [ Read more ]

CSO Magazine and CERT Security Capability Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Security Capability Assessment Tool, created by CSO Magazine and the Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Coordination Center. This is an exercise for security professionals to assess their current security practices and to determine which practices are repeatable, documented, and regularly reviewed and updated — characteristics that enhance security strategy and policies. The tool is organized into four topic areas — Risk Assessment/Management, Management … [ Read more ]

The Who’s Who of E-Business

Business technology evolves quickly. But everyone needs a starting point. Our annual catalog of the basic technologies required to build an e-business explains what you need, what you’ll pay, and who can hook you up. Categories covered include: Network gear & services, Security & Disaster Recovery, Web Application, Outsourcers, Business Applications, and Data Storage & Management.