DSS Market Researcher’s Toolkit

DSS has gathered some of the more useful market research tools (Sample Size Calculator, Sample Error Calculators, Statistical Power Calculator) here, along with some general research white papers and Internet resources.

Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE)

The goal of this project “is to provide easy entry to Internet resources that can be used in support of statistics education and applications,” especially in the social sciences. The site features interactive statistics tutorials, statistics applets, and links to glossaries, journals, and other related statistics sites.

Sample Size Calculator

How many people do you need to survey in order to generate a meaningful result? This Sample Size Calculator will help you find out. Let’s say you have 10,000 customers and you’d like to determine with a 95% confidence level how they will react to your new pricing plan, with a confidence interval of 4% (meaning results will be indicative, plus or minus 4%, of … [ Read more ]

Lumenaut Excel Statistical and Decision Analysis Tree Excel Add-In

David Sanderson wrote this MS Excel add-in while doing his MBA at U of M. The product is called “Lumenaut” and it has two parts. The first part contains a range of statistical routines mainly used in business (Descriptive, Cross Tables, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Correlation, Autocorrelation and Lagged variables). Key differences between Lumenaut and other comparable add-ins are the speed at which the … [ Read more ]

Web Sites to Find Statistics On-Line

Here is a simple but useful listing of website where you can find statistical information. Topics include:
– Sports
– Government Sources
– Wars
– Disease, Illnesses, Health
– Environment
– Population
– Entertainment
– Wealth, Salary Information
– Other Countries
– Miscellaneous


Statistics.com lists statistics in a number of categories, from agriculture to transportation (Internet stats are found under the heading of “Transportation & Communication”). The data referenced in each category comes from numerous national and international sources; browse through to find familiar favorites plus some new, interesting sites and articles. Stuck for stats? Send your question in to Statistics.com (along with payment of $19.95) and the … [ Read more ]

Electronic Statistics Textbook

This full-text statistics textbook from the StatSoft software company covers the basic concepts of statistics as well as more complex aspects. Download a .zip file so you can use it on your PC without being connected to the Internet or access it online.

Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms

Created by The Animated Software Company, the Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms offers definitions for terms via a standard alphabetical listing or in an innovative “Suggested Learning” order. In this latter list, users start with basic terms such as “Population” and “Histogram,” before grasping more difficult ideas such as “Regression” and “Confounding Factor.” In addition to the standard definition of each term, every glossary entry … [ Read more ]

Historical Statistics on Banking

Historical Statistics on Banking (HSOB), from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides annual statistical information on the banking industry beginning in 1934, useful for identifying and analyzing long-term trends and developing benchmarks to evaluate the current condition of the banking and thrift industries. The site contains commercial banking reports, savings institution reports, and bank and thrift failure reports from 1934 to 1999. The Milestones feature … [ Read more ]

Global Financial Data

This impressive collection of historical global financial data stretches from the years 1264 to 2000. While most of the data must be purchased, several series are offered free, including Stock Markets since 1693, Interest Rates since 1700, and Inflation Rates since 1264. The site also contains research papers and a links to financial sites around the world.