Direct marketers, start your engines! This site features one of the most useful Web-based tools we’ve found for traditional direct mail marketing. Via the site, users can access a wide range of list processing services. Just upload ASCII text delimited database files. The service will merge/purge, update addresses, and have files CASS-certified to take advantage of postal discounts through bar-coding. Files are returned in as little as three hours. First-time users should take advantage of a free CASS (Coding Accuracy Support Standard) cleanup process (up to 50,000 addresses). CASS is a process that standardizes addresses and assigns ZIP+4 to ensure the highest number of deliverable addresses. A dirty list gets a DM demerit. Clean up your act today. [WDFM Annotation]

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  1. 1. Pls include these suggestion boxes on the page, rather than in another pop-up window.
    2. Asia Online Travel Balloons: one of several articles I am really interested in, but cannot get access to!

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