MEPI (Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry)

This Web site presents the main results of the Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry (MEPI) project co-ordinated by SPRU – Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex, UK.

The key objectives of this research project were to:
* develop quantitative indicators for the environmental performance of manufacturing firms
* collect environmental and financial data for a large number of European firms in the electricity, pulp and paper, fertiliser, printing, textile finishing and computer manufacture sectors
* apply the indicators so as to deepen understanding of the causes of changes in industrial environmental performance

Presented here are:
* the approach used to develop environmental performance indicators for companies;
* the data on environmental and financial performance collected for 280 European companies and 430 production sites in six industrial sectors;
* a statistical analysis of the environmental performance of companies and production sites;
* a benchmarking tool allowing companies to compare their environmental performance to the performance of other European companies that operate in the same sector; and
* a ranking of European companies according to their performance on key environmental indicators.

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