Michael Birshan

We live in the era of ESG [environmental, social, and corporate governance issues] and we talk a lot about the “E,” but the “S” will also be crucial. This research shines a spotlight on some of the fundamental forces driving the phenomena we see today. One suggestion to business leaders is, know your numbers. What does your company’s value look like by pathway? What does it look like relative to your industry peers, or companies headquartered in your country, or companies within your archetype?

Secondly, do those numbers suggest there are pathways that you could or should broaden? If so, that has implications for the fundamentals of business operations. How do you view your labor pathway, including where you are locating colleagues? What is the income balance when you consider diversity, equity, and inclusion? How do you approach re-skilling at scale given that many of today’s jobs may become less relevant? How inclusive is your procurement, and are you developing new SME suppliers?

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