Prepare to Ace Your Job Interview with This Interview One-Sheeter

As you know, preparation is the key to doing well on a job interview and hirers tend to ask the same kinds of questions. This job interview one-sheeter is like a CliffsNotes for getting your strategic answers together.
Shared by Jenny Blake of LifeAfterCollege, the Google Docs template covers seven key questions or topic areas for you to bullet-point your examples, including how you’re suited for the position, what your weaknesses are, what excites you, challenges you’ve overcome, and goals you have in the future. There’s an area for questions you have for the company (such as issues or challenges about the job) and other notes (perhaps personal sound bites would be good here).

Just filling out the sheet can help you prepare, but you can also bring it to your interview and quickly glance at it while waiting (nice to have on you just in case). [Lifehacker Annotation]

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