Product Intelligence: Turning Online Reviews into Business Decisions

Online consumer feedback is growing exponentially and contains invaluable information about not only what consumers think of products and brands, but also about what they expect from a product. Some businesses view the vast amounts of online feedback about their products and services in a reactive light. Each positive review is a pat on the back that need not be investigated further; while each negative review is an opportunity to put out a fire by offering an apology.

Rather than viewing online review data as an opportunity to address individual customers, however, astute businesses can use the multitude of crowd opinions to better understand consumer needs, fueling product development and the ability to create highly differentiated products.

Editor’s Note: In a way, this article is a long-form ad for Accenture’s product intelligence approach, but in fact the points made are quite useful and can be considered and applied by any company via internally-developed or third-party equivalent software.

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