At this site, you can search for any URL and get demographic and psychographic metrics for that site’s audience, including age, gender and income level and (when available) keywords that audience tends to use to get to sites like the one you are looking at. To get this information, Quantcast partners with online publishers, advertising networks, etc. for anonymous user information, such as that of registered site visitors. They then whirl that info up with user log data to round out their metrics view. Any site can join the fun by requesting a Quantcast pixel, which will be used to track and “Quantify” their data as well. The benefit to publishers is they want their site to present the most flattering user profile as possible to potential advertisers. The benefit to advertisers is they want to find the most targeted audiences for their advertising dollars. The benefit to you, the marketer, is that Quantcast offers a fascinating look at the audience of any site, which you can compare to your own. [WDFM Annotation]

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