Questions at Stockholders’ Meetings (.pdf)

Many factors have played a role in shifting business operations dramatically over the past decade. Access to real-time, enterprise-wide information, expanded globalization, and changing financial and social priorities are creating new and diversified challenges for management. In this environment, corporate officers and directors must continue to build trust and confirm stockholders’ belief in the wisdom of their investments. Clearly articulating the company’s plans and openly answering all appropriate questions set the foundation for building confidence and are key to a successful stockholders’ meeting. We prepare these questions annually to help corporate leaders anticipate and respond to questions stockholders may ask. Questions in the general sections apply to most companies. Topics include company performance, mergers and acquisitions, globalization, and e-business. Additionally, Deloitte & Touche specialists have prepared questions to help companies discuss issues and opportunities specific to their industries.

Editor’s Note: this is an 85-page .pdf file that is 559KB in size. The text is large and you can easily look at only specific sections of interest so don’t let the length scare you…

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