Failing Well: How Your ‘Intelligent Failure’ Unlocks Your Full Potential

We tend to avoid failure at all costs. But our smarter missteps are worthwhile because they can force us to take a different path that points us toward personal and professional success.

Sam Corcos

Content scales, your time does not. Try to do more things in the form of content.

Tim Ferriss

Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined. Otherwise, you waste someone else’s time instead of your own, which now wastes your hard-earned cash.

W. Brian Arthur

Adaptation doesn’t really exist as a quality on its own. Adaptation lies in having at the ready a repertoire of available responses… Adaptation means having a tool kit of backup preparedness: people, plans, responses, ideas, possibilities, attitudes, and equipment that allow you to construct solutions quickly.


Adaptation requires a mindset that deals with uncertainty. That’s not a mindset so much of seeking ever-increasing profits and … [ Read more ]

W. Brian Arthur

In a very stable world, where you know the probabilities and the risks, you can optimize. But even in that case, I would counsel against optimizing with a narrow criterion. I don’t think that is ever a good idea, because it brings brittleness to a system. This is because when a system is optimized, all its parts need to work properly, and some are going … [ Read more ]

W. Brian Arthur

In a world where we don’t trust the ground we stand on, what really counts is adaptation or resilience.

Annie Duke

As you consider a past decision as a team, think about what you knew before you made it. What was revealed after the fact? Could you have known about it beforehand?

We tend to only review decisions that are associated with bad outcomes, like missing a sales target by 10%. But when you exceed that same target by 10%, there’s no meeting, no post-mortem. Just congratulations … [ Read more ]

Annie Duke

To make great decisions, you need accountability, repeatability, and examinability. I always describe it like this: We need to create an evidentiary record, a way to Google our own decision-making.

Paul Polman

If purpose is the broader intent of why you are there, values are how you make purpose come alive.

What Kind of Leader Are You? How Three Action Orientations Can Help You Meet the Moment

Executives who confront new challenges with old formulas often fail. The best leaders tailor their approach, recalibrating their “action orientation” to address the problem at hand, says Ryan Raffaelli. He details three action orientations and how leaders can harness them.

Harrison Monarth

It’s not enough to make sure the right people are on the bus and in the right seat on the bus, as Jim Collins enlightened us in his book Good to Great. Great leaders understand that even the best players on their team need coaching and inspiration.

Creating the office of the future

In a remodeled world, it is vital for companies to reinvent ways of working.

Shane Parrish

No incentive system turns mediocre into extraordinary.

Laura Del Beccaro

Founders, here’s a good litmus test for your company values: If you took 6 months off, and left no directions other than “Follow our values to a T,” would you be happy with the outcome?

Scott Keller

With experience comes pattern recognition and resilience, the ability to separate yourself from individual setbacks enough to see that the far side of failure is success if you reflect on the lessons.

Scott Keller

The best CEOs don’t just tell people, “This is where we’re going,” and expect them to follow. They understand the underlying psychology at play. For example, researchers have done experiments where they give lottery tickets to a group and half get a ticket with an assigned number and the other half gets a blank piece of paper where they write their own number. Then, before … [ Read more ]

A practical guide to new-business building for incumbents

Five lessons for incumbents on how to build and scale new digital ventures—and increase their odds of success.

Ravi Mehta

As product leaders, every choice we make is a choice that we save our users from making. If we’re not clear about what we want our product to do, we shift that lack of clarity to the user.

Dharmesh Shah

You can’t add simplicity in. You must take complexity out.

Paul J.H. Schoemaker

Most companies promote managers for hitting designated targets rather than for pursing the best process strategy. A good plan which fails is seldom rewarded, even if it had evident merit. But some companies do inculcate a smart process mindset in their culture and try to reward it. […] Has your organization ever given a performance reward for an excellent plan that happened to fail? Although … [ Read more ]