Reinventing Reinvention: Choosing the Continuous ‘Wise Pivot’ Over One-Time Transformation

research revealed seven new strategies that trapped value releasers mastered as part of their Wise Pivot, allowing them to generate sustainable growth today while building capabilities necessary to leverage the momentum into a future where the only certainty is continued disruption:

  1. Technology Propelled. Mastering leading-edge technologies that enable business innovation.
  2. Hyper Relevant. Knowing how to be—and stay—relevant by sensing and addressing customers’ changing needs.
  3. Data Driven. Generating, sharing, and deploying data to deliver new product and service innovations safely and securely.
  4. Asset Smart. Adopting intelligent asset and operations management to run businesses as efficiently as possible, freeing up capacity for other innovative efforts.
  5. Inclusive. Adopting an open and transparent approach to innovation and governance that embraces a broader range of stakeholders.
  6. Talent Rich. Creating modern forms of workforce management (flexible, augmented, and adaptive) to gain competitive advantage in fast-changing markets.
  7. Network Powered. Harnessing the power of a carefully managed ecosystem of partners to bring the best innovations to your customers.

Which of the seven winning strategies will unlock trapped value for your organization? The answer depends in part on the nature of that value.

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