Want a break? Get some humorous yet right-on advice about do-it-yourself website promotion from Robert Woodhead, creator of this site. can auto submit your URL to over 50 engines and indexes, and it provides manual links to several hundred more specialty search sites. Just fill out the account form on the site and follow the detailed directions to get started. There are also dozens of informative articles and two email newsletters for your reference. So, how does Woodhead pay for this? “Send me money! This is the step my wife likes the best. works like shareware. If you like what the site does, you can contribute what you think it’s worth. That’s right, you set the price.”

Editor’s Note: I have actually used this site and was sufficiently satisfied to offer up my donation (which also allowed me to extend my 30-day free account to a 1-year account).

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  1. If you are thinking of using another service at least use this one for comparative purposes – I think you’ll be glad you did.

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