Tips for Successful Cold Calling

Cold calling. Even the name is chilling. You’re not alone if you dread the process. In fact, many people consider cold calling the most intimidating aspect of the sales process. Unfortunately, cold calling is a necessary part of selling; if you want to grow your business, you have to contact new prospects. These tips will help you handle cold calls like a pro. Startup Kit

Set of useful (though not comprehensive) resources for startups or small businesses. Categories include: Business Ideas (Build an e-business, Buy a business, Analyze your financial performance, Find company valuations, Order industry financial data, Calculate startup costs); Startup Financing (Find a business incubator, Get business loans, Find real estate loans, Locate venture capital, Locate private equity, Find a credit card processor, Outsource your collections, … [ Read more ]

Trade Shows resources about trade shows. Includes a service to find trade shows, several How-To articles (including a Guerilla Guide), a couple of checklists, and some useful sample forms & agreements

Checklist for Formation of a Corporation

MS Word document with a thorough and useful checklist of things to take care of when incorporating your new business.