On the Inside, Looking Out

As companies gear up for growth, they are seeking targets that can help their companies innovate.

Integration Acceleration

Why successful M&A now depends on getting your ducks in a row as early as possible.

Game Changer

Want to score big with your next new product or growth strategy? Take it one level at a time.

The Next Stage

Want to ascend to a true leadership role? Be prepared to let go of what you’re good at.

In Pursuit of a Cutting Edge

Cost performance may be a useful measure for companies that want to trim spending as effectively as possible.

Green Counters

Sophisticated tools for carbon-emissions accounting are coming to market. But are U.S. companies ready for them?

Expense Management: Better Ways to Buy

Sometimes costs don’t need to be cut so much as captured, quantified, and reconsidered.

Game Theory Versus Practice

More companies are using game theory to aid decision-making. How well does it work in the real world?

Mastering the Turnaround

What it really takes to survive a corporate bankruptcy.

ROC Solid

Why return on capital could be the metric that best helps companies achieve higher returns.