Top-10 Marketing Processes for the 21st Century

There is growing evidence of a set of 10 high-value marketing processes that the marketing function of 21st-century-leading enterprises will have to master. The specific processes that will prove to be most valuable to an enterprise will vary, depending on the development stage of the marketing function, as well as the enterprise’s business model or vertical market. Listed in order of increasing sophistication and, hence, … [ Read more ]

Beware these false security assumptions about work-from-home PCs

Work-at-home employees who link personal systems to corporate networks may expose enterprises to security risks. Four common assumptions make this a particularly dangerous practice. Get the details on each assumption, learn how it impacts security, and get suggestions for shoring up systems.

Rethinking the IT domain: When PDAs, phones go online

These days, many employees use either a PDA or cell phone for both personal and work-related purposes. This article provides advice on how to bring order, control costs, protect company data, and maintain support with multiple computing devices.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Some enterprises have been able to leverage their year 2000 efforts—particularly BCP and year 2000 command centers—to respond to disaster threats. Most enterprises, however, developed plans merely to satisfy audit requirements, and suspended their contingency planning efforts shortly after 1 January 2000. As a result, their plans could not be applied to the 11 September 2001 disaster because enterprises, processes and personnel change over time, … [ Read more ]