GMAT Sample Questions Quiz Facebook App

Still a bit nervous about your GMAT? With this Facebook app from the administrators of the test, students can answer eight GMAT practice questions and see how they score compared with other quiz-takers. They can also post the results to their Facebook page or challenge a friend.

MBA Application Trends Survey

The Application Trends Survey is an informal annual survey designed to take a snapshot of the demand for management education by comparing changes in application volume. Year over year comparisons for women and international applicants are analyzed. In addition, industry trends-e.g., electronic application use and changes in class size-are also tracked.

This information has allowed GMAC and business schools to monitor the demand for graduate … [ Read more ]

MBA Perspectives: Career Decisions

Graduate Management Admission Council conducted its first survey of graduating MBAs during March and April of 2000-the GLOBAL MBA SURVEYSM. Survey respondents were asked to provide permanent email addresses if interested in participating in follow-up research. Seventy-seven percent of them did so. On September 1, 2001, GMAC launched its first survey of this group-MBA Perspectives: Career Decisions.

They answered questions on the following topics:
– Satisfaction … [ Read more ]

Corporate Recruiters Survey 2002

In January 2002, the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC) conducted a survey of the opinions, values, and expectations of corporate representatives who recruited MBAs during the past year. The goal was to collect systematically a factual set of information from a representative sample of these important “customers” of the MBA degree. The online survey questionnaire asked corporate respondents topical questions about their actual and estimated … [ Read more ]

The Annual Global MBA Survey

The Graduate Management Admission Council conducts a survey of the attitudes, values, and expectations of the graduating MBA class annually in order to collect systematically factual information from a representative sample of this important group.