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* Doing Business Online
* Financial Management
* Finding Capital
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Best Customer-Service Practices

Today, competition is fierce, and customers have more options than ever — a tough combination for smaller companies trying to gain market share. But, it is possible to overcome the challenges. Using the strategies mentioned in this guide can help your company reap and keep customers both online and off.

Building a Great Board

The increased demand on board members’ time has made finding and managing them effectively a bit trickier. To help you evaluate and find skilled board members and to discover ways to maximize a board’s impact, has assembled its best resources on the topic. Use them to build and run a board that you can count on.

Grassroots Marketing

Here presents homegrown marketing ploys to jump-start sales, increase your customer base, and help get new products to market. Topics include:
– Acquiring Customers
– Product Sales
– Word of Mouth
– Partnerships
– Trade Shows
– More Original Approaches

Watts Wacker

The information society is completed — it’s actually been around about 90 years. Now we’re beginning the post-information society. In Alvin Toffler’s terms, any time one of these new ‘waves’ comes in, like when the agricultural economy started giving way to the industrial economy, you have an ‘epoch of uncertainty.’ Now we’re at a point where the uncertainty may never stabilize — there is … [ Read more ]

SBA Loans: Myths and Realities

By understanding what the Small Business Adminstration does and doesn’t do, business owners can be in a better position to take advantage of this often misunderstood government program.

Clayton M. Christensen

professor at Harvard, founder of Innosight (consulting company), and author of popular business book, The Innovator’s Dilemma

All Shook Up

Why does an entrepreneur reshuffle his entire management team at the peak of his company’s success?’s Guide to Leadership

“What makes a great — and enduring — leader?” This guide is a roundup of the best Inc. articles that address that question. Topics include: skills, communication, delegation and team building.