Valley Legend’s Biggest Road Show Ever

Is it crazy for promising venture-backed start-ups to commit time and stock to nonprofits even before making money themselves? Former VC Gib Myers doesn’t think so.

Can Business Still Save The World?

Meet the new breed of socially responsible CEOs. They share the goals of activist pioneers like Body Shop cofounder Anita Roddick and Ben & Jerry’s Ben Cohen — but are taking radically different approaches to activism.

Dear John

Founders who go after venture capital can find themselves with bulging coffers — but without their old job as CEO.

The Best Business Plan on the Planet

Moot Corp. diary: Behind the scenes at the business-plan contest everyone wants to win – a detailed investigation of the International Moot Corp Business Plan Competition, sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Survival Kit offers a crash course helping students deal with the pressures of academics and a social life while starting up a business when still in school. The survival kits begins with a host of first-hand accounts of young entrepreneurs, including the founders of Feld Technologies, Nantucket Nectors, and Dell Computers. It also offers information on student business plan contests, the fundamental basics of starting a … [ Read more ]

Too Cool For School?

After years of loathing M.B.A. programs, here’s why today’s savvy entrepreneurs are now seeking these degrees.

Upstarts: ASPs

Article gives basic overview of the ASP (Application Service Provider) concept and model; offers some statistics, examples, analysis and an interview with Phil Wainewright, founder and managing editor of

Exit Capital: The Perfect Buyers

article describes how an employer can use an ESOP to sell his company to his employees

15 Steps to a Start-up Investors Will Buy

presents a 15-point plan for those seeking money from venture capitalists, private investors, or even traditional lenders.

What Makes an Entrepreneur

A seasoned professor debunks some myths about an entrepreneur’s traits and lists those he sees as crucial.