Can Business Still Save The World?

Meet the new breed of socially responsible CEOs. They share the goals of activist pioneers like Body Shop cofounder Anita Roddick and Ben & Jerry’s Ben Cohen — but are taking radically different approaches to activism.

Dear John

Founders who go after venture capital can find themselves with bulging coffers — but without their old job as CEO.

The Best Business Plan on the Planet

Moot Corp. diary: Behind the scenes at the business-plan contest everyone wants to win – a detailed investigation of the International Moot Corp Business Plan Competition, sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Survival Kit offers a crash course helping students deal with the pressures of academics and a social life while starting up a business when still in school. The survival kits begins with a host of first-hand accounts of young entrepreneurs, including the founders of Feld Technologies, Nantucket Nectors, and Dell Computers. It also offers information on student business plan contests, the fundamental basics of starting a … [ Read more ]

Too Cool For School?

After years of loathing M.B.A. programs, here’s why today’s savvy entrepreneurs are now seeking these degrees.

Upstarts: ASPs

Article gives basic overview of the ASP (Application Service Provider) concept and model; offers some statistics, examples, analysis and an interview with Phil Wainewright, founder and managing editor of

Exit Capital: The Perfect Buyers

article describes how an employer can use an ESOP to sell his company to his employees

15 Steps to a Start-up Investors Will Buy

presents a 15-point plan for those seeking money from venture capitalists, private investors, or even traditional lenders.

What Makes an Entrepreneur

A seasoned professor debunks some myths about an entrepreneur’s traits and lists those he sees as crucial.