Public Relations Going O.K?

People act on their perception of the facts, and those perceptions lead to certain behaviors. But something can be done about those perceptions and behaviors that leads to achieving your organization’s objectives.

Pop Up Surveys to Measure Ad Effectiveness

Advertising is very expensive. In a recessionary economy, you need to use your marketing budgets wisely, making certain you reach your target audience at the right time and in the right place. By implementing a pop up survey on your website, you can identify how many of your visitors match your customer profile, as well as measure the effectiveness of advertising programs as they are … [ Read more ]

Do Long Copy Ads Work?

With over a century of practical experience, thorough testing and research, and the collective recommendation of some of the great names in advertising history behind it, you can take this approach to the bank. Long copy advertising works.

The Six Secrets of Successful Yellow Pages Advertising

Year after year the Yellow Pages are full of ineffective ads, costing the businesses which placed them thousands of dollars in lost profits. Follow these sure-fire ideas to dramatically increase the results your ad brings.

Straight Talk About Public Relations Fees, Services

The art and science of public relations efforts and activities presented in terms corporate management understands … price/performance and return-on-investment.

Amateurism Hurts PR Field

Poor and incomplete news releases and publicity practices, not only make the issuing firm look bad, they insult an editor’s intelligence.

Successful Marketing Events

What is the appropriate measure of success for marketing events? This article answers that question and provides some tips for achieving success.

Linear Versus Spacial Communications Plans

A look at how comprehensive, fully-integrated, linear marketing communications plans and campaigns can optimize the return on your communications investment.

Measuring Marketing Success: Does a change in attitude equal a change in behavior

When it comes to measuring the impact of marketing campaigns, almost all evaluations are still based on some type of attitudinal analysis. This approach assumes that attitudes and opinions lead directly to desired behaviors. There’s only one problem: No one has ever proven that “changing attitudes” actually contributes to a bottom line impact.A study of the measurements of the success of marketing activities.

Accountability Marketing

There is tremendous power in programs designed to: identify and acquire new prospects; retain and expand current customers; develop and support the sales channel; and create brand images that truly help the company sell. If done correctly, these programs will have the cumulative effect of helping reduce the actual cost of selling by shortening the sales cycle and maximizing the effectiveness of expensive field sales … [ Read more ]

How to Conduct, Get the Most From Shows and Exhibits

Today, the trade show “business” consumes more than $750,000,000 a year from firms just like yours. For most organizations, these shows represent a tremendous expense. As such, you must make certain you are getting maximum return for your investment and minimize wasted time and money.