Reengineering the MBA for Small and Mid-Size Firms: A Business-Driven Approach

Most universities have MBA programs designed to train functionally specialized managers for large Fortune 1000 type firms. The graduate management education needs of small and mid-size firms have been largely ignored. Many innovative MBA programs have themes that emphasize entrepreneurship, management of technology, or international business, but none have integrated all three themes in a redesigned MBA program that meets the needs of small and … [ Read more ]

Reflections on Graduate Education in the 21st Century

University MBA programs, like some other services, have an interesting and unusual property: they have multiple customers for the exact same product. In traditional sales of consumer products, there are often situations where multiple consumers in the same household use the same product. But the people in a household have a connection to each other and engage in continuous ongoing joint decision making. In the … [ Read more ]

A Problem-Based MBA Curriculum: The Ohio University Experience

Ohio University’s MBA program is designed according to the principals of problem-based learning. The curriculum has no courses. Rather, it is organized around problems like those the students will encounter after graduation. Pre- and post-program assessments are used to measure changes in knowledge and skills. Students are required to complete a program assignment in a foreign country. The paper describes the process by which Ohio … [ Read more ]