The New Rules for Digital Marketing

Rather than propose rules for the entire economy, Professors Vijay Mahajan (McCombs) and Jerry Wind (Wharton) focus their proposals on marketing. As contributing editors of the forthcoming book, Digital Marketing: Global Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts, Mahajan and Wind are out to reshape their discipline. What follows are key points paraphrased from Mahajan’s and Wind’s new rules for digital marketing, with selected excerpts from … [ Read more ]

First-Mover Advantage: Myth or Reality?

Some time ago the new economy appropriated a term that summed up its irrational exuberance – “first-mover advantage.” E-business first movers, it was thought, could gain valuable advantages over the competition by pioneering technologies, being first-to-market, and building brand loyalty. Hindsight may be 20/20, but it’s still not clear what hindsight will say about the first movers in e-business. Gathered here are … [ Read more ]