The New Rules for Digital Marketing

Rather than propose rules for the entire economy, Professors Vijay Mahajan (McCombs) and Jerry Wind (Wharton) focus their proposals on marketing. As contributing editors of the forthcoming book, Digital Marketing: Global Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts, Mahajan and Wind are out to reshape their discipline. What follows are key points paraphrased from Mahajan’s and Wind’s new rules for digital marketing, with selected excerpts from their essay.

A Quick Look at the 10 Rules:
1. Target segments of one and create virtual communities
2. Design for customer-led positioning
3. Expand the role of branding in the global portfolio
4. Leverage consumers as co-producers through customization
5. Use creative pricing in the world
6. Create anytime-anyplace distribution and integrated supply chain
7. Redesign advertising as interactive and integrated marketing communication, education and entertainment
8. Reinvent marketing research and modeling as knowledge creation and dissemination engine
9. Use adaptive experimentation
10. Redesign the strategy process and supporting organizational architecture

Editor’s Note: this same basic material is covered again in the EBF article, “Digital marketing” at:
Texas – The McCombs School of Business Magazine
Subjects: Marketing / Sales, Strategy

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