The Demise of Digital Dysfunction (.pdf)

The TNBT research report “The Demise of Digital Dysfunction” challenges the common assumption that information overload is widespread and growing. We asked a leading segment of more than 2,000 tech-savvy Internet users about the effects of information and technology in their lives. Their answers hold eye-opening insights for digital business:
– Information overload is on the wane.
– High volumes of information … [ Read more ]

Jeff Hawkins

inventor of Palm Pilot and co-founder of Handspring

Joe & Stewart Alsop

MIT-educated Joe Alsop cofounded (in 1981) Progress Software (then called Data Language) to make tools for software developers.

Stewart, a former journalist, is now a VC with New Enterprise Associates and columnist for Fortune magazine.

Craig Mundie

Microsoft Senior VP of Consumer Strategy

Anthony Wood

Founder and CEO of Replay TV

Ellen Hancock

CEO of Exodus Communications, former senior vice president at IBM

Ted Dintersmith

VC, Charles River Ventures

Rob Glaser

former Microsoft VP, founder and CEO of RealNetworks

Bharat Sastri

Founder, HelloBrain

Steve Kirsch

Founder, Infoseek

Seeking Definition – Customer-Service Subtleties

Sector? Application? Philosophy? All of the above and yet none of the above, “customer relationship management,” or CRM, is one of the past couple years’ most talked about—and most hazily defined—concepts.

Megan Smith

President of PlanetOut Partners, whose website has become the Web’s premier destination for the gay and lesbian communities.

Bob Young

chairman and co-founder of Red Hat

Ann Winblad

Yossi Vardi

founder of Mirabilis, the company that created ICQ