The Demise of Digital Dysfunction (.pdf)

The TNBT research report “The Demise of Digital Dysfunction” challenges the common assumption that information overload is widespread and growing. We asked a leading segment of more than 2,000 tech-savvy Internet users about the effects of information and technology in their lives. Their answers hold eye-opening insights for digital business:
– Information overload is on the wane.
– High volumes of information lead to mastery of the digital environment.
– The future is online for news and media companies.
– E-mail is an under-appreciated and under-utilized channel for online business.
– Mobile phones are always on, but just for talking.
– Device convergence is a nonstarter.

Editor’s Note: This .pdf file requires free registration. The site has basically stopped operations (though they seem to be maintaining their old content) but I am guessing it’s still possible to register…post a comment to the contrary if I am wrong.

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