Startup 101: ReadWriteStart’s Serialized “How to Build a Startup” Book

“Startup 101” is a serialized book about the thrills and spills of starting a Web technology venture. Startup 101 is for first-time entrepreneurs who want to go through the whole startup life cycle – including raising money, building a valuable business, and making a lot of money by selling the venture or taking it public.

This series is designed for Web technology startups. But if you are building a clean tech, bio tech, outsourcing, hardware, or other type of technology venture, we hope some of Startup 101 will be useful to you, too.

Startup 101 is designed for those “shoot for the moon,” high-trajectory ventures. Some of the early posts/chapters will help you decide whether this really is what you want to do. It is certainly not for everyone.

We will also explore options for building smaller, slower-growth ventures, using less money and with less of a need to seek an early exit. Our aim is to help you think through what is right for you and your venture and then to build and execute a plan that is appropriate for that decision. The third chapter/post, “What Kind of Startup Do You Want to Be?,” focuses on that decision.

We’ll try as much as possible to follow the chronology of a typical venture. So, the first chapter/post is “10 Things to Be Clear About Before You Start,” and the final chapter/post is “Congratulations! What’s Next?” (for when you’ve received the wire transfer and have started celebrating the sale of your venture). But we recognize that not every venture follows the same trajectory and that yours will follow its own order.

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