The Road to Business Value: An Integrated Approach to IT Investment

Given the increasingly critical role technology plays in the competitive positioning of an organization-from adaptive supply chains to innovative customer relationships-the gap between companies that use their technology effectively and those that don’t is destined to widen. How can a company build an IT organization that fosters innovation and creates long-term value for the business?
An A.T. Kearney study conducted by Harris Interactive asked executives from the United States and Europe how they manage and use information technology to create measurable business value and position their companies for future competitive advantage. According to the study, leaders consistently master the following:
– Move beyond IT alignment toward integration of business and technology
– Manage IT as a portfolio of capabilities-from operational costs to innovative opportunities
– Invest in leading-edge, innovative IT as an organizational activity aimed at delivering business value
– Integrate measurement into the evaluation and strategic decision-making for IT investments
– Anticipate the next wave of technology and define its impact on businesses and industries

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