Third Wave Research

From Microsoft bCentral come these research tools for small business, which are focused on helping clients acquire and retain customers. How? The Web-based tools from Third Wave Research are divided as follows: Demographic Profiler; Business Profiler; Household Spending; and Demographic Trends. Each tool allows you to make queries and receive reports in real time. Reports can then be viewed on-screen, printed, or downloaded for import into Excel and other programs. The geographical parameters and the report you select determine whether the output you receive will be free or for a fee. All Business Profiler and Demographic Trends reports on the U.S. overall are free. Other combinations are priced according to their complexity and specificity – city, state, zip code, etc. The free info I saw is presented clearly and succinctly, so one would assume the paid reports are just as thorough. Nice one-stop shopping for data. [WDFM Annotation]

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