Trusted Source

A big part of email marketing is getting your messages delivered. A big part of getting your messages delivered is your so-called reputation. At this site, you can check the reputation and activity of any domain name or IP address. The instant results include message volume, the number of unique IPs sending email during the last 30 days and IP addresses in this domain sending substantial amounts of email. How? TrustedSource receives and analyzes billions of messages per month. Like a virtual credit agency, TrustedSource assigns a reputation score and further classifies senders as good, bad or suspicious based on an in-depth analysis by processing more than a dozen behavior attributes to profile each sender. TrustedSource was one of the first reputation systems to combine traffic data, whitelists, blacklists and network characteristics to arrive at a “reputation” that extends beyond a straightforward sp@m score. Learn more about the concept of online reputation by downloading the complimentary white paper available at the site entitled “Trusted Source: Reputation Redefined”. And remember – at this site, not only can you check the stats on your own domain, you can check your competitors’ reputation, statistics, message volume and sending patterns over the past few weeks as well. [WDFM Annotation]

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