How to Articulate Your Career Vision in the MBA Application

Developing and articulating a career vision is an essential element of your MBA application. It’s about conveying a clear picture of where you have come from, where you are going, and why an MBA is critical for getting there. B-schools want students who will get the utmost value from their program by achieving great things in the future.

Think of this as a two-fold approach: A compelling career vision for an MBA speaks to what it will bring you, and also what you will bring to it. This means making a strong case that the MBA is imperative for you to achieve your dreams. It also includes demonstrating what your presence will contribute to the student body, the alumni community, and the world. It’s an opportunity to share the insights and connections you bring, as well as the ideas that you can contribute and share.

Making your career vision logical and persuasive is about the process as much as the product. Consider these top tips for developing and executing a powerful career vision, drawn from our team of former senior MBA admissions and careers staff at Fortuna Admissions.

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