Solving the Skills Paradox: Seven Ways to Close Your Critical Skills Gaps

Record unemployment figures are, paradoxically, matched by record numbers of companies who cannot find the skills they need. Accenture analyzes its recent US Skills Gap Survey to understand the nature and extent of the skills gap—and proposes seven strategies that companies in pursuit of high performance can follow.

A New Lens on Business Advantage: Human Capital Strategy and the Drive for High Performance

The most enduring source of competitive advantage for a company could well be its people. Yet few organizations develop business strategies that align fully with their human capital strategies. Citing in-depth research and its own HR improvement journey, Accenture talks about how companies can create better strategies by leveraging the multiple dimensions of human capital management.

A Team You Can Count On

Why are some companies able, or not able, to retain top talent? Knowing the answer is critical because high performance requires a knack for attracting, developing and keeping great people. Accenture discusses how top companies consistently recognize, nurture and hold on to the best of the best.

A Workforce of One

New research shows that when it comes to managing talent, one size no longer fits all. To be competitive and to maximize the performance of a workforce, companies need to understand and respond to the diverse needs of individual employees.

David Smith and Craig Mindrum

Knowledge management is not just about making information, news or content readily available—even content indexed by performance need; this form of knowledge sharing and content management is too passive. What a flat organization needs is actionable knowledge, and the best kind of such knowledge will likely come from another part of a company: “I know what you’re trying to do; here’s what we did, and … [ Read more ]

If There’s One Thing CRM Tells Us: Don’t Do PLM the Same Way

Product lifecycle management (PLM) doesn’t work, but it should. Fundamentally, the idea that we can design better products and bring them to market more quickly by leveraging knowledge and experience from our own value chain and our customers and suppliers, is a sound one.

It’s just that buying PLM doesn’t always make that happen. In my view, industry’s general approach and attitude to PLM very … [ Read more ]