Make Your Company Smarter

The unspoken beliefs that wield the most influence over business behavior are the metaphors that people use to envision the following major aspects of the work experience:

What is business all about?
What is a corporation all about?
What is management all about?
What role do employees play?
What really … [ Read more ]

Free Sales Tool: The Sales Call Check List

Here’s a quick tool to help you prepare for a sales call, and assess you performance afterwards. It’s a simple check list that covers the basics of consultative selling. To use the tool, cut and paste the list into a document and print out copies for your personal notebook. Before and after each meeting, check off the items that you covered. … [ Read more ]

Sales Jobs: Not Just Hunters and Farmers Anymore

For years, sales managers have debated the difference between “hunters” (who take qualified leads and close them into customers) and “farmers” (who develop the account, expands contacts and engage in up-sell/cross-sell activity. What’s funny about that debate is that it’s entirely obsolete… at least in the most successful large firms.

What Top Executives Want You To Sell Them

When you’re talking to the techie at the bottom of the food chain, you’re probably going to need to discuss the features and functions of your offering. However, once you get above that level, features and functions become increasingly irrelevant.

When you get to the real decision-makers — the people with power to buy a big ticket B2B purchase — you’ll find that they are … [ Read more ]

The Ultimate Cold Calling Tool

Bookmark this page. Then, before a cold call, open this link. As you talk with the customer, listen for the objections below. When you hear one, click on it, and use one of the responses. Then click on ASK FOR THE APPOINTMENT and use one of the requests. Try it!

What’s the Best Lead Qualification Question?

SCENARIO: You’ve got a long list of leads and you need to winnow out the ones that aren’t likely to buy. You need to fill the pipeline fast, so you don’t have time to beat around the bush. You’ve already confirmed that a “prospect” has a problem that your offering will solve. You must now find out if the deal is real…

Which … [ Read more ]

Top 10 Dumb Mistakes Sales Reps Make

Sales mistakes may be inevitable but they’re not unavoidable. To eliminate them, and sell at the highest level possible, you must:

* Identify the mistakes you’re making.
* Understand why you’re making them.
* Visualize the consequence of repeating them.
* Know how to avoid them in the future.

That’s what this post is all about. Geoffrey James has gathered the 10 most common mistakes … [ Read more ]

10 Tough Questions To Ask Prospects

Find out if you’re asking the wrong questions — and what to ask instead.

Top NINE Excuses For Not Making Quota

Reps blame lackluster results on everything from their coworkers to the economy, but there’s just one good explanation for underperformance.

9 Questions to Ask Before Presenting

Sales presentations aren’t about selling your company’s product or services; they’re about selling the results the customer wants. With this in mind, here are nine questions to ask yourself before you make any sales presentation.

M&A Quick Analysis Worksheet

How to decide if a deal makes sense? We’ve put together an assessment questionnaire to help you think through the various dimensions of an M&A decision. The questionnaire is no magic bullet, nor is it a substitute for the hard thinking that must go into a formal due-diligence process. But in just a few minutes, it could provide an early indication of whether you’re on … [ Read more ]

The Internet Can Make Customers Stupid

Myth: The Internet makes customers so well informed that they no longer need sales professionals to help them make business decisions.

Truth: The Internet frequently creates confusion and ignorance, thus producing a demand for highly-skilled sales professionals.

Five Hard Truths About the MBA

For years, an MBA degree has been seen as a first-class ticket to the management fast track. Some spend $100,000 or more to earn the degree, confident that it will propel their career into overdrive — and often that’s not an unreasonable expectation. To many hiring managers, an MBA on the resume is a sure sign that the candidate has long-term, corner-office potential.

To a growing … [ Read more ]

Ten Seconds to Better Rapport

Here’s a ten-second method to build better rapport with a customer. I can testify that it works, as I’ve used it literally hundreds of times. It’s a close to a “Jedi Mind Trick” sales technique as I think you’re ever going to find.

Five Myths of Managing Up

Like just about everything else in the workplace, the conventional wisdom about how to manage the boss has evolved considerably in recent years. If you hope to climb the career ladder by impressing your boss, these are the new and revised rules of the road.

World’s Best Sales Questions

Here are the fourteen absolutely indispensable power tools that should be in every sales rep’s bag of tricks.

James Freund: 10 Rules of M&A Bargaining

In an interview with BNET, M&A expert James Freund describes 10 critical negotiating tactics.

Who to Ask for a Referral

If you want a great referral, you must ask somebody who already trusts you. Read about the three types of these people and get some additional pointers to make the process easier.

How to Ask for a New Contact

Joanne Black, author of “No More Cold Calling,” shares a simple five-step process for what to say to build up your business through referrals.