How to Become a Successful Market-Driven Organisation

From being a platitude to being a pre-requisite, being ‘market driven’ has been the secret behind many of the success stories – Shell, Dell, Honda, Intel, Boeing, Novartis, Merck, Cisco – of recent years.

Editor’s Note: I thought the excessive dwelling on real-life examples was of little value but there is some useful information in this article.

Which Customers Are Worth Keeping and Which Ones Aren’t? Managerial Uses of CLV

Managers have long been interested in weeding out customers they consider to be less profitable than others. The question is, how do managers determine who belongs in that group? According to several Wharton marketing professors, there is no easy answer, despite new and increasingly sophisticated efforts to measure what is called “Customer Lifetime Value” (CLV) – the present value of the likely future income stream … [ Read more ]

New Economy or Old Economy, a Shakeout is a Shakeout

Still wondering why the bubble burst? And what’s going to happen to all those smaller bubbles, the approximately 12,000 dot-coms that are still alive, many of them just barely? In a paper entitled, Shakeouts in the New Economy, Wharton marketing professor George Day and co-author Adam Fein analyze the causes of the bust and tell how to pick which companies will survive the downturn. … [ Read more ]

A Different Game: Wharton Book Explores Managing Emerging Technologies

How are the skills necessary to manage emerging technology businesses different from the skills needed to run established technology firms? A new book edited by two Wharton researchers draws on the insights of corporate leaders and academics to answer this question. Their findings should change the way companies approach such issues as technology assessment, strategy, marketing and organizational design.