A New Blueprint for HR

Right now, Silicon Valley companies and other start-ups are leading the way when it comes to delivering consumerized employee experiences and cultural agility. But such an approach to HR is actually available to any company, regardless of size or industry. There are HR models and blueprints available to your company that can help you attract, develop and retain top talent more effectively and consistently.

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IQ plus EQ: How Technology Will Unlock the Emotional Intelligence of the Workforce of the Future

Companies have perfected collecting data on consumers to boost sales and customer loyalty. But to date, they have had little insight into how employees interact with each other and what makes them happy or successful at work. A new generation of emerging technologies promises to change that. Boosting EQ as well as IQ. Resulting in a much more engaged, more productive workplace.

Trends Reshaping the Future of HR: Digital Radically Disrupts HR

Digital technology is changing the face of human resources. Top-performing HR organizations will likely respond by becoming smaller, less centralized and more project-oriented. Expertise in marketing and analytics will be highly valued. New ways to identify, attract and nurture talent could proliferate, with more emphasis given to workplace culture.

How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?

For years, the human resources function has shouldered much of the responsibility for managing people, but it has often had to do so with too little real information and too segregated from the business. Talent analytics can change all this—revolutionizing not only the practice of HR but also how insights about workforce performance can be derived and applied to achieve real improvements in business performance. … [ Read more ]