The Fortune 500 Teller

Having applied the logic of physics to predict the life expectancy of biological creatures and cities, Geoffrey West is now searching for the scientific principles that dictate the life spans of companies.

Flight of the Drone Maker

The AeroVironment story is not a playbook for other companies to follow wholesale—for one, its heritage cannot possibly be duplicated—but it’s a fascinating tale rich with lessons for any company. Most of all, AV shows how disruptive technologies can evolve and shake up their industries, even when multiple market forces exist to hold them back. It also offers companies guidance about when to evolve to … [ Read more ]

Fernando Flores Wants to Make You an Offer

Having moved from political prisoner to cognitive scientist to Chilean senator, this uncompromising philosopher of communication is now educating business leaders for the world of social media.

Tea and Empathy with Daniel Goleman

The author of Emotional Intelligence says business leaders will need greater interpersonal awareness in an era of corporate transparency.

Howard Gardner Does Good Work

The originator of multiple intelligence theory prescribes a code of ethics for business.

Alvin Toffler: The Thought Leader Interview

Thirty-six years after his book Future Shock, the world’s most influential futurist sees the informal economy as a basis of revolutionary wealth.

Joichi Ito

“Venture activist” Joichi Ito has turned his life into a prototype of the organization of the future.

The Prophet of Unintended Consequences

Jay Forrester’s computer models show the nonlinear roots of calamity and reveal the leverage that can help us avoid it.

Editor’s Note: Forrester is the father of system dynamics.

Ricardo Semler

The Brazilian CEO and best-selling author transformed his pump plant into a model of participative management, and launched his company on 14 straight years of double-digit growth.

How Dell Got Soul

When growth slowed in Y2K, the computer maker’s leaders realized they needed to redesign their win-at-all-costs culture.

The New Architecture of Biomedical Research

As the economics of R&D evolve, the Salk and other private research institutes become increasingly crucial to health care’s changing value chain.

Quaking Up with Geoffrey Moore

This article, written back in 2000 when his book “Living on the Faultline” was being released, offers a good introduction to Moore’s management thinking and theories.

The Innovation Incubator: Technology Transfer at Stanford University

The successful transfer of new technologies from the research laboratory to the commercial sector has many benefits: the creation of wealth, new jobs and new solutions to society’s problems. For nearly three decades, Stanford University has been a leader in technology transfer, fostering the growth of northern California’s Silicon Valley and the biotechnology industry and providing a model for other research and educational institutions across … [ Read more ]

How Mondavi is Growing Around the World

Joint ventures can hold the key to expanding globally, introducing new product lines and leveraging brand capital. But it takes good relationships – and patience.

Inside Dell Computer Corporation: Managing Working Capital

The secret to excellence lies in doing many things well. It also requires staying focused on the goal even when tempted to do otherwise.

Editor’s Note: this article is from 1998 but for those not too familiar with Dell it will be of value.

Symantec’s Strategy-Based Transformation

How fresh leadership, serial acquisitions, and a new market made CEO John Thompson’s billion-dollar promise come true.

Clayton M. Christensen, The Thought Leader Interview

The innovator’s educator looks at why great companies fail and why theory trumps data.

Editor’s Note: I haven’t read his book, but I found his comments in this interview to be very insightful…

Along the Infobahn: Data Warehouses

“What sets a data warehouse apart from other databases is that the information it contains is not used for operational purposes, but for analytical tasks – everything from identifying new market segments to corporate brainstorming.” If this sounds incredibly obvious to you, you probably won’t get any value from this overview of data warehouses, data marts, data minining, etc. If you are new … [ Read more ]

REI Climbs Online: A Clicks-and-Mortar Chronicle

How a half-billion-dollar Seattle outdoor-equipment retailer became a virtual merchandiser.