INSEAD: One School, Two Campuses – Going to Asia

In the late 1990s, INSEAD stood at a crossroads: to one side was the status quo, a continuation of its expansion on the Fontainebleau campus; to the other was a bold step, a further commitment to the Asian market by opening a second campus in the region. Professors Lasserre and De Meyer, and Sam Garg provide an analysis and chronology of the decision-making process. … [ Read more ]

Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. – Honda’s Entry into the Chinese Car Market

When Peugeot pulled out of its partnership with the Guangzhou Automobile Group in 1997, it left behind slow sales, a decrepit factory filled with 20-year-old equipment, and 1,600 exasperated employees. In this new Case Study, Professors Philippe Lasserre and Ming Zeng, and Hiromi Hinata tell how Honda turned this picture around.

Renault and Nissan – A Marriage of Reason

The automotive industry has changed radically in the past twenty years. In the 1980s, Japanese firms dominated, but today they’ve lost ground to multi-nationals. The new shape of the industry brings difficulties and opportunities alike. Using the 1999 Renault-Nissan union as their example, the authors ask you to consider the challenges of cross-border acquisitions and alliances.

Ahlstrom Korea

A Texas oil tycoon takes half his trusty drills and heads for new territory. But he’s not moving West, he’s headed to the Far East. Can Tex count on any success from this globalisation? Professor Philippe Lasserre and Jocelyn Probert explain that for Ahlstrom Korea’s similar expansion effort, it must deal with a wealth of stumbling blocks to make headway.