Was Earning That Harvard M.B.A. Worth It?

About a year before Adam Richman was to graduate from the Harvard Business School in 1996, he took on an extracurricular project. Mr. Richman wondered: What was the real-world value of a master’s in business administration? Mr. Richman decided to track a group of his classmates and visit them every five years until 2026. He also decided to film them along the way. His work … [ Read more ]

The M.B.A.’s Long-Term Value: An Executive Recruiter’s View

If you’re contemplating business school you may be wondering whether the degree will pay off for your career in the long run. A top recruiter shares his perspective.

Reengineering the MBA for Small and Mid-Size Firms: A Business-Driven Approach

Most universities have MBA programs designed to train functionally specialized managers for large Fortune 1000 type firms. The graduate management education needs of small and mid-size firms have been largely ignored. Many innovative MBA programs have themes that emphasize entrepreneurship, management of technology, or international business, but none have integrated all three themes in a redesigned MBA program that meets the needs of small and … [ Read more ]

Reflections on Graduate Education in the 21st Century

University MBA programs, like some other services, have an interesting and unusual property: they have multiple customers for the exact same product. In traditional sales of consumer products, there are often situations where multiple consumers in the same household use the same product. But the people in a household have a connection to each other and engage in continuous ongoing joint decision making. In the … [ Read more ]

A Problem-Based MBA Curriculum: The Ohio University Experience

Ohio University’s MBA program is designed according to the principals of problem-based learning. The curriculum has no courses. Rather, it is organized around problems like those the students will encounter after graduation. Pre- and post-program assessments are used to measure changes in knowledge and skills. Students are required to complete a program assignment in a foreign country. The paper describes the process by which Ohio … [ Read more ]

M.B.A.’s Are No Longer One Size Fits All

Learn through case studies or hands-on experience? Generalize or drill down? Stay home or go abroad? These are just a few of the choices facing students who are contemplating a master’s in business administration.

In this changing landscape, how does a student find the right educational fit? Of course, time and money often make the choice for you; but all else being equal — which … [ Read more ]

How an MBA Can Help You

For career advancement, why do so many MBAs swear by their degrees? The reasons have less to do with number crunching and more to do with the credibility, confidence and broader perspective their business education has afforded them.

Why the Full-Time Advantage Prevails for Job Hunters

Students increasingly are pursuing part-time online and executive M.B.A.s. But recruiters have their doubts.

An Executive Reflects On the Value of an M.B.A.

Each month when I make a payment on the student loan I took out to get an M.B.A. degree, I wonder if going to graduate business school was the right decision. My wife and I are struggling to raise two small children, and I think about what we could do with the money if we weren’t making the loan payment. I think, too, about all … [ Read more ]

How to Weigh the MBA Decision

To MBA or not to MBA? If that is the question, there are some important questions you should be asking yourself about your career ambitions, the type of program you need and the schools you can afford. An MBA can smash the number-cruncher stereotype, bolster your experience and enhance your career options, but is it the right move for you right now?

MBA.co.za MBA Overview

Part of the MBA.co.za portal, which is focused on the MBA degree in South Africa, but offering useful information for any prospective MBA student. Topics covered include:
– What is an MBA?
– Why an MBA?
– Returning to school for your MBA
– Is the MBA right for me?
– What makes a good MBA candidate?
– Stress and the … [ Read more ]

MBA Center

The MBA Center is a network of educational advising and test preparation centers that help prospective MBA students to enhance their chances of admission to business schools. On their site you can find articles about the MBA degree, read their online Magazine with interviews of notable MBA program administrators and related folks, and of course find out more about their paid services.


MBA2U is a non-profit organization of alumni from top MBA schools in the United States and Europe. It is sponsored by Belgacom and McKinsey & Company Belgium. The mission of MBA2U is to increase the number of young Belgian professionals going for a top MBA program in the United States and in Europe, by providing targeted information to potential candidates.

About.com: Business Majors

Part of the human-edited About website; find lots of topics pertaining to the MBA degree.

When an MBA Isn’t Enough

Some 25% to 35% of students at many top B-schools pursue two degrees at once, up from 15% to 20% just a few years ago. Schools offer anywhere from a handful of dual-degree programs to the University of Michigan’s 25–and the list is growing.

B-Schools: Should You Go for It?

Here’s how to decide whether pursuing an MBA the right move for you

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

You bet it can–and in our 1st Annual Top 100 Entrepreneurial Colleges and Universities, we reveal which U.S. schools do it best.

Do MBAs really matter?

Industry players debate the pros and cons of that sheepskin, with an emphasis on how appropriate an MBA is for entrepreneurs-to-be.

MBA Guide (2)

Whether you’re thinking of taking an MBA as a career break or simply out of interest, Peter Calladine, Educational Services Manager at the Association of MBAs, attempts to answer all your questions. What’s involved, which institutions offer them, and what they do for your career prospects.

Editor’s Note: Though the original link is dead, you can still read this online thanks to the Internet Archive … [ Read more ]