What MBAs Earn By Industry: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

Pay isn’t the only factor when MBAs choose employers. Location, growth trajectory, and exit prospects also play a part. Admittedly, industry pay is a flawed metric, one dogged by regional pay scales, employer differences, and hiring rates. Taken as a whole, industry pay data is a puzzle piece that enables MBAs to earn more out of the gate and maximize their business school investment long-term. How … [ Read more ]

MBA Data That Matters: P&Q’s Complete Stats Collection Of 2020

Business school rankings can reflect a variety of measures: branding, versatility, and momentum among them. Eventually, there comes a time to peel back the methods, assumptions, and weights to review the ranking data in its raw form. That way, prospective students can compare schools to know their odds, outlays, and outcomes.

Each year, P&Q collects data from the top domestic and international to help readers identify … [ Read more ]

So, You Want An Online MBA Degree. Now What?

You’ve decided to get an MBA education. But attending a full-time or even part-time on-campus program is just not realistic for you. You want more flexibility and greater control at a lower cost. So, an online MBA it will be!

Of course, you want a program that will deliver the knowledge, skills and network you need for success in your current and future jobs. You want … [ Read more ]

Deciding If A B-School’s Culture Is Right For You

Stacy Blackman discusses how applicants can measure school culture when deciding on a b-school.

What Makes A Great Business School?

When considering taking an MBA, the choice of the business school is crucial. With so many institutions offering postgraduate courses around the world, it can be very difficult. Relying on rankings alone isn’t a very good idea, since each publication calculates rankings in its own way (often undisclosed) and you may end up even more confused. Besides, an institution may look perfect on paper and … [ Read more ]

How Many Schools Should You Apply To?

How many schools should you apply to? The answer will depend on your unique situation and needs, and is a key element in your application strategy. Having a clear idea of how many schools you’re targeting before you start the application process will help you plan ahead and stay organized.

7 Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Apply to Business School

After you’ve assessed your profile and have a sense of how competitive you are as an applicant, it’s time to start thinking in broad terms about what you’re looking for in an MBA program. Consider what you need, and what you want. What is important to you – academically, professionally, and personally? What type of environment are you looking for in an MBA program? Here … [ Read more ]

The Wrong Way to Judge an Entrepreneurship Course

Entrepreneurship programs are ubiquitous at business schools. So how do you measure the course designed to instill the startup spirit?

B-Schools Vie for Startup Crown

So, you want to start a company. Which business school is best?

Finding Your ‘Best Fit’ Business School

How do you know when you’re a good fit for an MBA program? These tips will help you decide.

Starting a Company? Skip B-School

Programs like Starter School give students just enough instruction to get an idea off the ground.

The True Value of the MBA Alumni Network

When choosing an MBA program, the depth and breadth of the alumni network should be as important as the quality of education.

Make the Most of Your B-School Campus Visit

You wouldn’t buy a house you hadn’t seen in person first, would you? With the average total cost of an MBA education at the most elite business schools creeping upwards of $300,000, it makes good sense to visit the campus to get to know a program beyond its ranking.

Tough Decisions: Choosing Among MBA Programs

Choosing among B-school offers isn’t easy, but potential career outcomes, financial aid, and the impact on loved ones should all factor into the decision.

MBA Class Size: Is Bigger Better?

Smaller classes are believed to produce a better educational experience, but some of world’s best schools have the most crowded classrooms.

The MBA Decision: Choosing a School

Here’s a brief reminder of some points to consider in choosing an MBA program.

Full-Time MBA: Things to Consider

While there is only one MBA degree, no two programs are exactly the same. While MBA programs teach you the fundamental tools of business, the way each does so can be distinct. When I try to explain the differences, I think about the range of attributes that particular programs present along a continuum of choices. By the time you stack all the attributes together, it … [ Read more ]

Why an MBA Is Not Always the Right Choice

Rose Martinelli, formerly the longtime admissions director at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, looks at evaluating educational options by defining two of the most common academic pathways—subject-focused master’s degrees and MBA degree programs.

Applicant’s Dilemma: Choosing Among Top B-Schools

You’ve been admitted at two or more top MBA programs. How do you decide which offer to accept? Start by looking to your future

MBA Pay: The $3.6 Million Degree

New research into long-term MBA pay suggests you get what you pay for. Top schools like Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford leave the rest of the pack in the dust.