Let’s Get Vertical

A new breed of intermediaries is emerging to facilitate B-to-B ecommerce. These new intermediaries go by different names – “vortexes,” “butterfly markets,” or “net market makers.” All in some way serve as electronic hubs, each spinning in a new market. These hubs focus on specific industry verticals or specific business processes (from spare airplane parts to secondary mortgages), host electronic marketplaces, and use various market-making … [ Read more ]

Aggregation Nation

One of the most widespread beliefs about the New Economy is that “friction-free” contact between buyers and sellers will eliminate the need for middlemen. It’s dead wrong.

In fact, infomediation will be our core competency in the 21st century, just as manufacturing was in the 20th century. Customer loyalties are shifting from companies that produce the best products to those sellers that make the best … [ Read more ]