Dutta Satadip

Companies need to ensure people know what to expect once they sign on and become customers. One way that companies can set meaningful expectations is to provide a comprehensive menu of services. Many companies provide a list of product features, but what I am suggesting goes further, to also include the terms of the services that will be provided. This provides transparency for customers, and also for employees. More important, the menu establishes the minimum threshold for operating all customer-facing teams, enabling them to deliver a consistent experience. Additional guidelines can be constructed on top of the minimum service delivery expectations to empower team members to deliver additional support if needed.

These minimum thresholds can serve as important “floors” for ongoing investment in customer experience. By clearly outlining expectations for both features and customer experience, companies can invest the right level of resources and help internal teams deliver the right level of service. And when the company sets customer expectations reasonably and consistently, customers have a calibrated baseline for the experience they receive. In many cases, companies may choose to charge for premium-level services that come with faster issue resolution or increased availability — and this will be more palatable to customers when the company has been transparent about it from the outset.

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