e-Business Parts List

Learn about 23 core e-business technologies, the companies that provide them, and how much they cost in this comprehensive e-business user’s manual from eCompany Now. The list is divided into three consecutive sections:
1. The Infrastructure
The one set of technologies and services that just about all Internet e-businesses share is the infrastructure layer. It consists of the hardware and software that generate a website, as well as where that equipment actually lives and who looks after it.
2. The Basic Applications
On top of all that infrastructure is the application layer, which is made up of software and services that either extend the site’s performance or make it easier to manage.
3. The Big Integrations
The next step in e-business is to use the Internet to tie together practically all the traditional disciplines associated with selling and manufacturing.

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  1. The Infrastructure –
    Carrier; Hosting Center; Router; Web Server; Application Server; Database Server; Storage System; Load Balancing; Security; Caching; MSPs

    The Basic Applications –
    Content Management; Personalization; Transaction Engines; Ad Serving; Site Analysis; Campaign Management; Customer Support;

    The Big Integrations –
    Application Integration; Sales Integration; Supply Chain; Financials; Fulfillment

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