Forget Dumb Luck – Try Smart Luck: Strategies to Get Lady Fortune on Your Side

Most people view luck as the opposite of determinism, control, or strategic intent. But because we can often influence situations in which chance plays a role, these forces are actually linked. The first challenge is to reframe your views about luck and realize that it usually entails much more than random chance. Yes, the primary force behind luck is the way that probabilities play out, but there are things you can do to shift the odds in your favor. Rather than hope for the best and wait for good things to happen (dumb luck), shape your circumstances so that good luck will find you more often (smart luck).

The extent to which success in life is due to luck or skill is in the eye of the beholder and may therefore vary by person, culture, and even language. But whatever your view on luck, there are strategies that will increase the odds that Lady Fortune will smile upon you. This may not work when you are playing games of pure chance like state lotteries or roulette, but when the mix of skill and chance is complex and partly under your control, why not try smart luck?

The meta-strategies listed in this article can help anyone to better play the game of luck so as to have a competitive edge in business and life.

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