Herb Kelleher

Leader to Leader transitioned to the Hesselbein Institute and older articles are no longer available. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

I have seen brilliant entrepreneurial strategies falter as an organization grows and matures. Obviously, you manage a $25 billion company differently than you do a $25 million company. But you change your practices, not your principles. You learn how to communicate with large numbers of employees by using videotapes, newsletters, weekly updates, frequent visits to the field. You share not only what’s going on in the company, but in the industry and the marketplace. You are careful that people don’t preoccupy themselves with cosmetic things like offices and titles. You delegate more and more, and make yourself available as a troubleshooter. You go to meetings not to issue orders or instructions; you go to learn the problems people are having and to see if you can help. You remember that systems are not masters — they’re servants in helping you carry out your mission. And that nothing comes ahead of your people.

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