Job Interview Questions

A job interview questions guide for jobseekers and for interviewers.

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  1. The selection for Interview and the Interview process itself becoming trickier and trickier. An excellent command over one’s domain knowledge doesn’t guarantee any success for job selection. McKinsey says that 94% of the global CEOs rate smartness even above professional skills. What is important is to showcase one’s smartness during interviews? How to face googly questions and give tit for tat? That needs another type of street smart education – blending domain knowledge with language skills. With my fifteen years of experience (after MBA) I have seen only one supporting product in this regard. That is Espoir Smart Series of English and Success Enhancement programs like Smart Communication through Management Ideas. Rosetta Stone products are helpful, but are not theme-based or are not customizable. It is vital that each student takes each interview seriously – because employers are taking it with great care.

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