Katherine Catlin

If you want ideas for solving your business problems to pop out of your people, the first, and most often neglected step, is to ask them. Just ask them. It’s so easy to do, and so rarely done. Show your people that they have been hired for their minds as well as their bodies. Provide training to enhance their creative thinking skills and establish a system to regularly solicit their ideas. Expect them to think, to create, then reward them for it.

Once you have new ideas popping, you need a soft, warm place for them to land. New ideas are fragile. They’re rarely in perfectly finished form. They need to be evaluated and developed with a nurturing, respectful attitude if you expect more ideas to follow. Show that you see value in every idea and want every idea to succeed, because you do. Every solid, implementable, fully developed idea brings you closer to achieving your Mission. Make certain you have an environment which actively invites, develops, and uses your people’s ideas. You can’t get enough of them.

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