Demographics Are Not Destiny

Even as the world’s population reaches 7 billion, the rate of growth is slowing and workforces are aging. Companies and countries can prosper by preparing for the changes to come.

Death of Office Politics

Forget all you know about workplace interplay. Today’s younger generations have rewritten the rules of the game.

Editor’s Note: a lot of what’s written in this article didn’t ring true to me and seemed pure conjecture and a bit cynical but I’m a bit removed from this particular topic so maybe you’ll find it more accurate?

Addressing the Muslim Market

Can You Afford Not To? Throughout the world, Muslims are becoming increasingly active as investors and manufacturers, bankers and traders, competitors and suppliers, and becoming real partners in a global economic system. Muslims comprise one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world and, hence, represent a major growth opportunity for businesses around the world.

Serving the Low-Income Consumer: How to Tackle This Mostly Ignored Market

Facing saturation and cutthroat competition in long-established markets, many multinational companies are seeking new markets. Yet until recently, they have largely ignored the more than 5 billion low-income consumers, thinking these consumers have no money to spend or are impossible to reach. Now several companies are disproving these perceptions.

Old Questions

We’ve studied older workers to death. How come we know so little about them?

The Demographic Deficit: How Aging Will Reduce Global Wealth

The world’s wealthiest countries will need to save more and increase their capital efficiency or they risk lowering their standard of living.

Selling to Word-Of-Mouth-Driven Customers

Word-of-mouth-driven consumers – consumers who both listen to and spread purchase-related word of mouth – present a challenge to marketers. These online consumers don’t earn much, but they spend more than other online consumers, making them an attractive target for marketers. They feel strongly about how they shop, but their attitudes toward loyalty, pricing, and advertising are contradictory. How do marketers harness these word-of-mouth-driven consumers? … [ Read more ]

How to Find the Next Millionaire

How will you find the new generation of US millionaires? By getting to know today’s millionaires. With their distinct attitudes and motivations, they foreshadow the millionaires of the future.

Hispanic Fact Pack

“Valuable, hard-to-find data about demographic trends, marketer spending, Hispanic media and leading Hispanic agencies.” Includes data about top advertisers and brands, leading radio formats and television markets, and demographics.

Debunking the Myth of the Older Consumer

Advertisers pay a premium to reach Generation Xers. The question is why…

Editor’s Note: this article is part of an entire STERNBusiness issue, written back in 1999 – you can find this article on page 22; the other articles are all focused on the entertainment industry which may be of interest to you but the articles themselves are of little learning value…

In Marketing, Think Outside the Niche

With hit products like no-wrinkle shirts and designer mints, some businesses are profiting from an updated form of mass marketing. A Harvard Business Review excerpt.

Going for Brokers

This article examines the phenomenon of white entrepreneurs and business owners operating in central city locations. The authors’ suggestion: social brokers – institutions and individuals that can bridge the gaps between minority neighborhoods and non-minority business people – can help facilitate growth, profits, and development.

How ‘Gen X’ Managers Manage

Generation X managers are different from those in the baby boom generation. They are more skeptical, cooler and have different values. The way to get this independent group to perform is to make them understand.

Financial Education Starts at Home

The similar economic position of parents and children is partly determined by how well parents teach their children to save.

Habla Español? Your Company Will Soon Have to Do That

As 38 million Hispanics have emerged as the largest minority in the U.S., Corporate America is taking notice. Advertising to Latino consumers is on the rise among companies selling everything from cars to financial services to ethnic foods. Wharton professors and other experts point out, however, that while some campaigns have succeeded, errors and missed opportunities still mark many efforts aimed at marketing to Hispanics. … [ Read more ]


This is a great site. ePodunk provides in-depth information on more than 25,000 communities around the country, from Manhattan to Los Angeles, Pottstown to Podunk. (Podunk actually exists in upstate New York.) So, when you’re looking to target markets and you want to learn about the audience you’re reaching, this is a good place to get the lay of the land. Enter a city or … [ Read more ]

How Women Buy

The buying mind of a woman is a sophisticated and powerful tool. Marketers should try to tap into the characteristics of her buying mind that will guide her to thinking that what your company provides is, indeed, what she wants. Here are those characteristics…