Gary Heavin Is On a Mission From God

His goal: To single-handedly save the world’s women from obesity. With Curves, he seems to be pulling it off. And he’s built a billion-dollar business along the way.

Tiffany & Co: A Case Study in Diamonds and Social Responsibility

“Minerals should – and can – be extracted, processed and used in ways that are environmentally responsible.” Those words, coming from Michael J. Kowalski, chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co., set the stage for a discussion last week of the luxury jeweler and specialty retailer’s recent efforts to bring about industry reform. Kowalski spoke to a Wharton marketing class that looked at such issues … [ Read more ]

What Makes Rolex Tick?

Over the past century, Rolex has built and defended a strong position in the high-end watch market. And it has remained independent even as many competitors have sought the shelter of conglomerates. Today, Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand, with revenues of about $3 billion and annual production of between 650,000 and 800,000 watches. The secret to its success: a strategy that eschewed … [ Read more ]

Terra Lycos: Profiting from Information Products

As the big three Internet portals – AOL-Time Warner, Microsoft/MSN, and Yahoo! continue to grow thanks to early market domination, smaller and younger portals like Terra Lycos are fighting for their piece of the action. But is there enough to go around? With Internet advertising on the slide, Terra Lycos must look for new areas of growth, and perhaps even change its business … [ Read more ]

A Standard for Relief

Relief organizations have a mission close to home: improving their own efficiency and accountability.